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  • Flora Gosling

A Note on the Fringe

Greetings cherished readers,

Having now returned to Scotland after my year away, I am very happy to say that I will soon be moving to Glasgow in order to study English and Theatre. I eagerly await all the theatre I will be able to see when I get to the city that has such a vibrant arts scene, and having the opportunity to study what I love.

As for now I will be spending a little over a week at the Edinburgh Fringe, soaking in the atmosphere and maybe going to see a show or two. While I will still be posting a few reviews here, I will also be writing for the fantastic online magazine The Wee Review.

This is a really exciting step and I am very grateful for it, as it allows me to go and see so much theatre that I otherwise might not get the chance to see. If you would like to read my reviews you can find them here, along with others from some brilliant writers:

Thank you for reading, and if you are in Edinburgh happy Fringing,


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